Holyhood Cemetery Association

Burial Options

Graves are available at St. Joseph Cemetery on both a pre-need and at-need basis. There is an excellent selection of single grave lots (burial for two) and multiple grave lots in the main cemetery and in the St. James the Apostle section. Chapel Hill III, developed a few years ago, has several three and four grave lots available on a beautifully landscaped site. The first phase of Chapel Hill IV has been completed.  This section can accomodate in-ground cremation burials and cremation wall niches which are available for sale this spring.  You are welcome to contact our office to arrange a personal tour of the areas and facilities. Maps are available and the grounds are open every day from dawn to dusk.

Interment options at St. Joseph Cemetery include traditional below-ground burial, below-ground in lawn crypts, below-ground burial of cremated remains in family graves, below-ground burial of cremated remains in our cremains garden adjacent to Maguire Chapel, and interment of cremated remains in niches within the chapel. Two cremation burials are permitted in each grave in addition to the two casket burials.